Camp Columbus

Camp Columbus Youth Camp is nestled in the beautiful Waterton Lakes National Park, and is open to all children aged 8-14. Camps are five days in length. Some of the camp activities include hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, team sports, daily camp fires, park interpretive center visits and boat rides up Waterton Lake to the US border.

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Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta Canada

Calendar July 2023
Calendar August 2023

Why Choose Camp Columbus?

Our camps are limited to 48 campers so that we are able to offer a high counsellor to camper ratio, allowing for a flexible innovative and comprehensive camp program. Campers are placed in groups of 12 with 2 counsellors assigned to each group. The Pre-Camp Planning, meetings, counsellor training, orientations, and above all, the quality and dedication of our staff is one to admire.

NEEDED: Camp Directores, Assistant Directors, Cooks and Counsellor


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Lee Hochstein


President          Lee Hochstein      403-627-8108


Rental Info      Patrick Johnson  403-381-8599


General Info   Morris Pittman    403-627-6417


Available for Group Rentals in:

May, June and September

for Youth Groups, Schools & Church Groups.

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Patrick Johnson (403)-381-8599 email:

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          2023 BOYS CAMPS 

camp 1   Age 8 to 10     July 2-7 

camp 2  Age 9 to 11      July 9-14 

camp 3 Age 12 to 14    July 16 - 21


          2023  GIRLS CAMPS

camp 4  Age 8 to 10    July 23 - 28

camp 5 Age 9 to 11     July 30 - Aug 4

camp 6 Age 10 to 12   Aug 6 - 11

camp 7 Age 12 to 14   Aug 13 - 18

What we are about.

The camp program is one that emphasizes Christian Spirit, concern for our fragile environment and cooperation with others, while still allowing the campers to maintain their own special and unique individuality.